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Major new works by leading contemporary artists including Martin Creed, Mark Wallinger, Gavin Turk, George Shaw, Bill Woodrow and Richard Long went on sale to raise funds for Crisis. These pieces were auctioned at Christie’s.

The artworks were exhibited as part of the Crisis Commission at The Bermondsey Project and The Strand Gallery in May-June 2014. The exhibition also included works from people who have experienced homelessness – clients of homelessness charity Crisis. This created a unique reflection on the theme of 'Home' in the Crisis Commission art exhibition.



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The Crisis Commission supported by GSK

Through our global programmes of charitable support GSK aims to make a positive contribution to the communities around the world by investing in sustainable health and education partnership programmes.

One of these partnerships is with the charity Crisis, supporting homeless people in the UK. We have for many years assisted in particular with helping individuals access to basic healthcare services. GSK is delighted to support The Crisis Commission and in turn help Crisis reach a wider audience.

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