Crisis Hidden Gigs

There's no place like home

Crisis held two Hidden Gigs with Coldplay in December 2011. The events, one in Newcastle and the other in Liverpool, raised £250,000 for Crisis.

Liverpool gig

Watch this video of the very first live performance of Coldplay's Christmas single Christmas Lights. Look out for the special guests towards the end. Coldplay performed for Crisis Hidden Gigs at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool on Sunday 19 December 2011, with support from The Choir With No Name and Gary Barlow.

Newcastle gig 

Coldplay performing in Newcastle

Image by Nick Pickles.

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The hidden story

If Dorothy learned one thing from her time in Oz it's this: There's no place like home.

But this Christmas hundreds of homeless people will be sleeping rough on the freezing streets and tens of thousands more will be hidden out of sight on friends' and families' sofas and floors, stuck in temporary accommodation or cramped into cold miserable squats without even heat, light or running water. Many don't know where they will end up each night and are often forced to move from place to place, hoping that somewhere, sometime they will find somewhere safe and secure. The general public aren't even aware they are there - they are hidden from view, hidden from help.

Unlike Dorothy, they need more than ruby slippers to get them home. That's where Crisis comes in. We transform the lives of individual homeless people by providing our own yellow brick roads built upon education, employment, wellbeing and housing solutions and we campaign for change and an end to homelessness. But this doesn't come for free - we rely on the generosity and support of ordinary members of the public.

That's where Crisis Hidden Gigs plays its part. We bring top acts to intimate, unusual spaces to create a unique musical experience and raise money for Crisis. All venues remain hidden until 24 hours before the gig when a text or email message will be sent to the ticket holders revealing its location.

We are giving gig-goers a small taste of the uncertainty faced by someone who has no idea where they will be that night.

As Dorothy discovered, there is truly no place like home.

Somewhere over the rainbow

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