Contacting your local SmartMove scheme

Crisis itself does not operate a SmartMove scheme. View our private rented sector access scheme database to see if a SmartMove or another type of scheme is being run by an organisation in your area and to find its contact details.


SmartMove is a best-practice model deposit scheme that provides non-statutory homeless people with access to good quality accommodation in the private sector and support to sustain this as a home.

Crisis worked with independent organisations to set up 30 SmartMoves in local areas around the UK. Between 1997 and 2010, SmartMove schemes helped over 14,000 people into housing. The local organisations that deliver SmartMove are embedded in their community and are well placed to meet local need.

Crisis continues to work with local authorities and voluntary sector agencies, providing information, advice and guidance to new and existing private rented sector access schemes in England and Scotland.  For information on this work go to Crisis' private rented sector website.


Alongside SmartMove, Crisis supported the SmartSkills network. SmartSkills is an accredited learning programme supporting people housed through SmartMove to develop independent living skills. It links people into their local communities, supporting them to access classes and volunteering opportunities in the local area.

 At the end of the programme clients receive an accredited City and Guilds award that recognises the progress they’ve made. Learners are encouraged and helped to continue their learning or get back into work as the programme comes to an end.

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