Crisis Christmas Parties

Crisis Christmas Party

Throw a party. Raise money. Help end homelessness. 

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The BBC's December Lifeline appeal has launched, exploring how Crisis helps people move on from the devastation of homelessness.
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Homelessness ends with your support


£10 Provides a warm welcome and helps someone take the first steps out of homelessness
£25 Helps someone regain a sense of worth through healthcare and counselling
£50 Helps someone gain the skills or qualifications they need to turn their life around
£100 Provides support, training and equipment to help someone find their way back into employment
£250 Provides one-to-one support to help someone find a safe place to call home

Kevin at a computer

“Crisis was something to get up for and look forward to. I suddenly had a purpose. The experience changed my life completely.”

Homelessness ends here

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