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Crisis is not an emergency housing advice or accommodation provider however we can signpost to agencies that may be able to help. If you are looking for help with your housing situation please have a look at the information below. 

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Are you sleeping rough - or worried about someone who is?

 Get help from your local authority

  • If you are a homeless household with dependent children, your local council has a duty to house you. You should therefore contact them to make a homelessness application.
  • If you are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, your local council may have a duty to house you depending on your circumstances.
  • You should contact your local council and make a homeless application.
  • Even if your local council does not have a duty to house you, at minimum they have to provide you with advice around your housing situation and alternative housing options. Find your local council and speak to them about their housing services.

 Get help from other services

  • Homeless UK's website has a list of services and links to help with housing and homelessness
  • The Pavement  is an online magazine for homeless people which lists available services by region.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau  provide specialist advice on housing related issues, they will also know about services in your area.

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