Home, no less will do

Crisis campaign asks government to fund Help-to-Rent projects

As part of the ‘Home, no less will do’campaign, Crisis is calling on the government to unlock private renting for homeless people by funding projects like yours. See our briefing for more details.

We've been making the case to Housing Minster Gavin Barwell, now we're asking people who are or have been homeless and landlords to add their voice.

IMPORTANT! If you know any people with experience of homelessness or landlords who are working with your private renting project -please ask them to add their voice by signing up to our open letter, either online or in person using the attached homeless person form or landlord form

What we are calling for?

  1. Fund projects that provide support to homeless people and landlords when renting privately. There is strong evidence to support the cost effectiveness of these services and their proven success in helping homeless people rent homes.
  2. Establishing and underwriting a national rent deposit guarantee for projects supporting homeless people to rent. This would be a written guarantee that could be used in place of cash. The Government already underwrites a national mortgage guarantee to help struggling first time buyers with the cost of a deposit - it’s only fair it helps homeless people with the cost of a rent deposit
  3. Introducing a quality mark for projects supporting homeless people and landlords to ensure good quality support is provided. Access to the national rent deposit guarantee should only be available to projects that attain the quality mark, ensuring value for money for Government

If people with experience of homelessness and landlords who want to help come together to call for action, the government will have to listen.

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