Impact of LHA cuts on London

Figures show that following cuts in April 2011 there was a dramatic shift in where Londoners who get Local Housing Allowance (housing benefit for people renting privately) live, with fewer households in inner London and major rises in outer London boroughs.

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  Fall in no. of LHA claimants   Rise of up to 200 claimants   Rise of 201 to 2,000   Rise of over 2,000

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What the Mayor said

We think that pricing people out of the inner city is bad for those it affects and bad for London and it seems Mayor of London Boris Johnson agrees. In 2010, Boris famously said that he would not allow housing benefit cuts in the capital to lead to "social cleansing", the Mayor explained explained: 

"The last thing we want to have in our city is a situation such as Paris where the less well-off are pushed out to the suburbs. I'll emphatically resist any attempt to recreate a London where the rich and poor cannot live together." 

SUCCESS: figures raised at Mayor's Question Time

Thanks to the actions of Crisis Campaigners on Twitter, this issue was raised at Mayor's Question Time on Wednesday 20 March, by several London Assembly Members.

Data summary

See below for a summary table or download the data.

SOURCE: Department for Work and Pensions


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