IntoWork Calculator

If you are single and homeless the IntoWork Calculator can help you make a decision about whether you are financially better off in work.

The calculator shows how much money you could get for two different situations, so that you can compare them and decide at what point employment is right for you.

The first column shows your current income, including income from benefits, while the second column shows your income if you start work, including any applicable income from benefits such as Working Tax Credit. 

The results of the calculator should be used as a rough guide only. Please talk to your local Jobcentre Plus office for a more accurate calculation. The calculators provide advice for SINGLE PEOPLE ONLY and they DON'T take into account people in partnerships or people with dependants when making benefit calculations. 

The Simple IntoWork Calculator is for single homeless people to use independently. There is also a more in-depth Comprehensive IntoWork Calculator  for project staff working with homeless people.

Before you start using the IntoWork Calculator

Find information you need before you start using the IntoWork Calculator in the checklist. If you don't understand any of the words used in the IntoWork Calculator, please look at the glossary.

We have made every effort to accurately calculate your benefit entitlement. However, Crisis cannot take responsibility for any discrepancies that may become apparent when you talk to your local Jobcentre Plus office. Please read our full disclaimer.

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