Payroll Giving

Payday. . . the best day of the month! Some people celebrate by treating themselves to a new haircut, others by going out for a meal. Why not share a little of that joy with a homeless person through payroll giving?

 Give as you earn: How it works

Not only is it a really simple way to support Crisis, but it's also the most tax effective, because donations are deducted from your salary before tax.

If you donate £10 to Crisis through your payroll only £8 comes out of your salary, as it is taken from your pay before tax gets deducted. Or if you are on a higher tax rate only £6 comes out of your salary and Crisis still receives £10 in total.

This means donating through your payroll costs you less and is tax-free, making your donation go even further! Click on the link below to sign up as a regular Payroll Giver.

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 What is the next step?

You will need to fill out our online form to sign up to Payroll Giving for Crisis. We will then pass on your details to the relevant Payroll Giving Agency, who will do all of the necessary administration work with your employer to set up your regular gift.

This usually takes a bit of time so do not worry if your donation does not come out of your next pay packet. As soon as you have started to give, we will update you twice a year how your donation has helped homeless people around the UK. You can choose if you would prefer to receive those updates by post or via email only.

  • If you simply want to check how Payroll Giving would work for you personally, email Jack from our Payroll Giving Team 
  • Any more questions about Payroll Giving in general?
    Go to the HMRC for further information

 How you'll be helping

By becoming a regular Payroll Giver, you will be helping homeless people transform their lives for good. Watch this video to learn about Brian's journey out of homelessness and sign up today.Thank you.

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