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13 September - 28 September 

Crisis social lettings agencies: How to plan, develop, launch and sustain an income generating social letttings agency

Background: Crisis has launched a brand new guide to support organisations around the practicalities of planning, developing, launching and operating a social lettings agency (SLA) for service providers supporting vulnerable people and people on low incomes to access the private rented sector.

Access the new guide here: Social lettings agencies: how to plan, develop, launch and sustain an income generating SLA

Event information: As part of the launch we are hosting four events in England, Scotland and Wales to give practitioners the opportunity to learn about the challenges and successes of delivering a SLA. This event will be useful for services involved in commissioning, designing, developing or operating projects that are considering developing a SLA.

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For questions about the launch event - please contact the Housing Team directly via or on 020 7426 5685

 02 Feburary - 23 Feburary 2015 - A home for rent

A home for rent: learning how to make renting a viable option for homeless people 

Invitation: We would like to invite you to a new series of events funded by The Oak Foundation to detail the best practice and changes still needed to make the private rented sector an effective means to resolve and prevent homelessness. 

Event overview: Bringing together projects that assist people into private rented housing, landlords, housing associations, and local authorities we will create the space to breakdown the most pervasive issues within the private rented sector from differing perspectives.  The all-day, free events will each have a specific focus including stability of tenure, affordability, access and property conditions.  The events will feature examples of best practice, expert speakers, and be an opportunity to discuss together how challenges can be overcome.   

What you'll learn: From each of the events, you will come away with ideas that will help inform your own services. Additionally, your voice will join the wider conversation about reform needed in the private rented sector. Finally, you will have the opportunity to network with people from across the sector. 

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26 March 2015 - A shared approach  

Over the past 15 months Crisis has been supporting eight private rented sector access schemes to deliver new and innovative models of shared accommodation. The Sharing Solutions Programme is a good practice programme funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), the aim of which has been to trial different models of sharing and create sustainable tenancies, as well as improve the access to shared private rented sector accommodation and the experience of tenants.

The event launched the evaluation of the programme by Sheffield Hallam University and the free Crisis toolkit for practitioners wishing to set up a scheme for sharers. Workshops were led by the funded schemes drawed on their experiences of trialing different models of sharing. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the evaluation launch especially Sheffield Hallam University for producing a great piece of research. Please click below to access the evaluation.

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Jan and Feb 2015 - Regional events: sharing best practice 

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the private renting best practice events delivered throughout January and February. Over 200 people attended events in York, Exeter, London, Manchester and Birmingham and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We hope you found it as useful as we did!

“Really enjoyed today and great to see these useful tools being shared with the sector!”

“Enjoyed the day, very informative, venue easy to access – nothing to improve”

“All very useful, some interesting ideas. Will definitely feedback to the our housing strategy team”

Please find below links to best practice material on our recent research, campaign work, the newly updated Crisis private renting toolkit. 

We value your feedback as we strive to continue to deliver useful and meaningful events to help you support your work. If you'd like us to deliver a workshop or event around a particular issue - please let us know @PrivateRenting or email us

Follow up best practice materials

28 October 2014

Sharing with strangers and being a parent: supporting shared houses with visiting children

This webinar will share the best practice from the two Sharing Solutions schemes that have been funded to trial a model of sharing for single parents with non-resident children. This model facilitates shared tenancies in houses in which single parents can have their children to stay.  

The webinar will explore:

  • Reasons why this model is needed and important 
  • Set up of the model 
  • Main challenges and successes thus far.

Who is this webinar for? 

This webinar is for practitioners working with clients subject to the Shared Accommodation Rate and who have non-resident but visiting children, and those keen to better support this client group into secure accommodation.  

13 & 16 October 2014 

The Sharing Solutions Programme: Learning from projects piloting models to improve access to shared housing 

Crisis is supporting eight pilot schemes to deliver sustainable and replicable models of sharing in the private rented sector. With the set up stage completed these events  explored what they have learnt thus far. Schemes shared the major challenges and successes of the pilots, and explored the more practical aspects of their models in more detail. Please click below to view the presentations from both events.



June 2014

Lessons learned; funding access to private rented housing 

From 2010 – 2014 Crisis delivered the £10.8 million DCLG financed Private Rented Sector Access Development Programme which funded 153 projects across the country and created over 8,000 tenancies. This event discussed the learning from Dr Julie Rugg’s evaluation of the programme and gave projects funded under the new Crisis Private Renting Programme the opportunity to talk about their invaluable work.

Past events

Crisis Conference 2014

Room to Rent? The Future of Private Renting in the UK

Renting from a private landlord has long been the only housing option for single homeless people. Yet with more people finding buying a home unaffordable and social housing often inaccessible, the private rented sector is increasingly being looked to as a long term solution to broader housing need.

With the support of the Oak Foundation, this conference explored how we might address these challenges whilst also considering how those working with homeless households can make the most of private renting.

Guest speakers included leading figures and decision makers from all sides of the argument.

  • Terrie Alafat, Director of Housing, DCLG 
  • Emma Reynolds MP, Shadow Minister for Housing
  • Baroness Ruth Lister, Professor Emeritus of Social Policy, Loughborough University
  • Richard Lambert, CEO, National Landlords Association
  • Phil Turner, Head of Housing Services, Hart District Council 
  • Mary Riddell, Political Journalist, The Telegraph

2013 regional events

In October 2013 Crisis ran a series of regional events for PRS Access Schemes on funding and future planning.

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