Why we need your help

Homelessness is rising. We do not have enough social and genuinely affordable housing. Benefits and services are being cut and to top it all the Prime Minister has signalled more cuts to welfare are on the horizon. We need your help.

Help Crisis campaign for change

Help us campaign for change

Rising homelessness, more cuts on the horizon. We need your help.

Thanks to the support of our campaigners and the bravery of many of our homeless clients, Crisis has achieved some key campaign successes in the last few years. The more people that add their voice to our campaigns the more politicians will listen to us and the more we can achieve for single homeless people. So please sign up now.

Here's why we need your help
£2bn The amount already being cut from the Housing Benefit budget
5m The number of people on the social housing waiting list
21% Rise in homelessness in England in the last two years
62% Rise in rough sleeping in London in the last two years
80% Hostels with no free beds on any one night in England
47 Average age of death for homeless people

Campaign successes

We've had some real successes in the past few years, including:

  • In response to our No One Turned Away campaign, ministers announced £20m of funding to help councils tackle single homelessness.  
  • Plans to remove Housing Benefit for those aged under 25 dropped after hundreds of Crisis campaigners email their MP as part of our No Going Home campaign
  • Key exemptions won for a benefit cut that will lead to tens of thousands of 25 to 34 year-olds becoming homeless 
  • The government dropped plans to cut the housing benefit of people struggling to find work 

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