The homelessness monitor: England 2015

Author: Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Hal Pawson, Glen Bramley, Steve Wilcox and Beth Watts

The homelessness monitor is a five year study that provides an independent analysis of the impact on homelessness of recent economic and policy developments in England. This year 4 report analyses key trends from the baseline account of homelessness established in 2011 up until 2015.

The homelessness monitor: England 2015

Pages: 108

Download: Download Homelessness_Monitor_England_2015_final_web.pdf

Hardcopy available: No

The homelessness monitor: England 2015 Executive Summary

Pages: 16

Download: Download HomelessnessMonitorEngland2015_ExecSummary_FINAL.pdf

Hardcopy available:

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