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Venture Studio from Crisis

We invest in, support, and create ventures to end homelessness.

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We are the national charity for homeless people. We help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether.

Real life stories

Our storyteller George is out there every day speaking to real people about their experiences of homelessness. Read their stories.

"I felt sad. I felt like was there any point in me coming here [the council]? To give a booklet out and tell us that, and say that you’re not priority because you haven’t had experience with violence?"

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“It seems from my point of view that they’re trying to discourage you to go on the housing list. They will just give you reasons not go on the list.”

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“...mentally it just ruins you. It’s horrible. I won’t want to wish it up on anyone."

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Support for you

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, we can help. We offer support, advice and courses in 12 locations across Great Britain. Our directory shows where you can find help and support wherever you are.
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 homeless households in Britain

Rough sleeping is forecast to rise by 76 per cent in the next decade unless the government takes action to tackle it.

In 21st century Britain, everybody should have a place to live.

“My one wish would be a home. I know if I have a room or a flat the rest won’t matter. With a normal place and normal people I know I could then find a job." - Jo

We know we can #EndHomelessness. But we need the political will and commitment to make it happen.



Last month, we delivered the second instalment of our Crisis Homelessness Awareness Training (CHAT) course for key partners and supporters.


In October 2020, the APPG launched its inquiry into how the Government should expand Housing Firs...


Crisis is seeking a skilled and experienced contractor to undertake an evaluation of the Crisis Newcastle Housing First service.