Crisis responds to government suspending evictions for a further two months

Today, Friday 5th June, the government announced a two-month extension suspending evictions from social and private rented accommodation across England.

Responding to the announcement, Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive at Crisis, said: The decision from the government to suspend evictions from rented accommodation for a further two months is one we welcome wholeheartedly.

“Put simply, this vital protection will prevent people in vulnerable financial circumstances from being pushed into homelessness. This provides the Government with more time to put further measures in place for people at risk of homelessness later down the line, such as those unable to pay their rent due to losing their job as a result of this pandemic.

“We hope to work with the Government in the coming months to get these legal protections in place before the extended evictions ban comes to an end. It’s critical that we do not allow more people to become homeless as a result of the pandemic, but instead use it as a prime opportunity to end it for good.”