Crisis at Christmas: Why £29.06?

Crisis at Christmas: Why £29.06?

£29.06 is the amount that we've calculated that it costs to provide someone with all of the services we provide over Christmas, as well as support for getting out of homelessness in the year ahead. It's based upon how much Crisis at Christmas cost last year, and allows a bit more for inflation. The amount of £29.06 is reviewed on an annual basis.

The cost includes the organisation (such as finding the hotels), transport costs, insurance costs, the cost of facilities as well as the costs of food, clothing and accommodation.

This year, our guests will be provided with: 

  • Advice on housing, employment and benefits
  • A way out of homelessness for good, through Crisis’ year-round training, education and support
  • Three nutritious, hot meals daily, including a proper Christmas dinner
  • Access to overnight accommodation or day centres 
  • A phone buddy service
  • Information and advice on wellbeing and healthcare 

The work we do at Christmas can often be just the start of someone’s journey out of homelessness. This initial engagement can mean the beginning of a continued relationship with Crisis and our year-round services to help and support our members until they are able to move out of homelessness and into a home of their own.  

How can I support Crisis at Christmas this year?

There are many ways you can support Crisis at Christmas - you can donatevolunteer, or fundraise.

If you have any additional questions leave your details and we will get back to you