Ending homelessness through rapid rehousing

About the event 

We are excited to launch a new series of policy seminars that will bring people together to develop the solutions that are needed to end homelessness in Wales. The Ending Homelessness Together seminars will provide opportunities to hear from people with lived experience of homelessness and policy experts on the key issues that must be tackled to end homelessness for good.

The Ending Homelessness Together seminars will bring experts from a range of sectors together to focus in on some of the major barriers that are making it harder to prevent and end homelessness. This will include people with lived experience of homelessness, experts from abroad who have experience of tackling similar issues in their own countries and people from across Britain with the knowledge and experience needed to help overcome the challenges that stand in the way of ending homelessness.

This event will be the first in the series and will be focussed on a rapid rehousing approach to ending homelessness. The event will focus primarily on the implementation of rapid rehousing, drawing on experiences from Scotland, and how a rapid rehousing approach can help those at immediate risk of homelessness.


Registration and tea/coffee
Introduction from the Chair


What is Rapid Rehousing and why it’s important in ending homelessness?
Scottish Experience: The Scottish approach to Rapid Rehousing

Panel discussion and Q&A: The opportunities and challenges to delivering rapid rehousing

World Café: what does a rapid rehousing response look like in Wales?

Reflections: shared learning in groups

Closing remarks

Networking & Lunch