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Supporting your tenant

We know that landlords value settled tenancies. This means renting to a reliable tenant who pays the rent on time and looks after the property. Most landlords would seek to keep a tenant as evictions and void periods are costly and a last resort. 


For general advice on how to create and sustain successful tenancies, please read our guide:

These cover a range of areas, including assessing the local rental market, finding the right tenant, finding the right local partners to support you, setting up Housing Benefit claims, matching tenants in a shared house, furnishing properties and meeting legal responsibilities. They contain a number of free template documents which you can use to set up and maintain your tenancy.

Help to Rent projects can provide support to tenants and to you as a landlord. This includes resolving misunderstandings or problems with the tenancy. They can also help liaise with the local Housing Benefit department or Universal Credit service. 

Finding Help to Rent projects

If you have a vacant property and are looking for a tenant, a Help to Rent project can help to find you a suitable and prepared tenant. 

If you are looking for support to maintain your tenancy or to find a tenant, look at our database of Help to Rent schemes across the UK. Simply search for the location of your property and get in touch with the suggested scheme. They will be able to help or put you in contact with someone who can.  

Your feedback

Please get in touch if you have any comments about our resources, particularly if you have suggestions for improvement. Email us at bestpractice@crisis.org.uk