Service transformation

Working with local services and service systems to fundamentally change and improve

In England, we are into the fourth year of implementing the Homelessness Reduction Act and local authorities recognise there is still a way to go to meet the Act’s intentions “in spirit and in practice”. More legislative change is on the horizon for local authorities in Scotland and Wales, and experience tells us the services that plan properly and pre-empt changes fare far better when they arrive. 

The pandemic brought new ways of working and flexibilities in local partnership working, but also increased demand for services that shows no sign of abating. It also highlighted broader trends of service change including moves to more person-centred ways of working, breaking down fragmented services and siloes, supporting clients with increasingly complex needs; and the increased use of non face-to-face channels to access services (and the additional barriers this creates).

Our Consultancy Service provides a flexible offer of support and user-centric approach that can be tailored to the needs of your service and local area, at whatever stage of your transformation journey. This could include: 

  • Performance improvement 
  • Service redesign and delivery models 
  • “No wrong door” approaches 
  • Managing demand 
  • Adopting psychologically-informed, trauma-informed and strengths-based approaches 
  • Culture change 

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your local area or organisation.