Flintshire Bond Scheme

Project summary

Working in partnership with YMCA Wales, the Flintshire Bond Scheme can help people who cannot afford the deposit when trying to rent property through private landlords. We can assist you with a non-cash deposit, help you complete your housing benefit form and ensure you know how much rent you must pay to the landlord.


Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria

  • Over 18 years old
  • Single people, couples and families
  • Persons who are homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • In receipt of benefits or on a low income
  • Looking for private rented accommodation but unable to afford a deposit
  • Less than £250 savings
Client services
  • Practical support for tenants (e.g. advice on setting up tenancy/deposit)
  • Housing Benefit assistance
  • Assessment of client needs
  • Bond Guarantees

How are referrals made

Contact the Housing Solutions team directly to find out eligibility.

Other information

Organisation: Flintshire County Council

Project: Flintshire Bond Scheme

Type of organisation: Local authority

Last updated: 29/07/2020 16:49

Local Authority: Flint

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