Women’s homelessness matters – women and housing

Now, more than ever, we need somewhere safe to call home.

But does a home mean the same for everyone? What do we need to consider when helping women exercise choice and control over their housing?

In this session, we will hear international leaders addressing these questions alongside asking what the emergency housing provided during the pandemic has looked like for women.

This session will be chaired by Sarah Walters, Best Practice Manager, Crisis.

Speakers include:

  • Janice Abbott, CEO, Atira Women’s Resource Society, on how her organisation houses hundreds of women across more than 20 projects in Vancouver, Canada
  • Cathy ten Broeke, State Director to Prevent and End Homelessness, on her leadership of an inter-agency council through Minnesota’s plan to end state homelessness
  • Thea Raisbeck, University of Birmingham, will review a gendered response to ‘Everyone In’ and present her emerging research that highlights the experiences of women helped through the initiative.
This event is now closed