Our services are still running and we are finding ways to adapt to this challenging time to ensure everyone is safe. A lot of you have asked how you can help us.

If you are able, please support our 'In This Together Emergency Fund' 

Over the past 4 weeks at Crisis Skylight Birmingham we have had to make some changes to how we deliver our services. There is a range of activity happening to support our members...

  • 121 support between coaches as members is still happening, mainly over the phone. We have provided members who don't have a phone with one, supporting members with their phone credit if needed.
  • We are helping our members to get their essentials by delivering food parcels (working with with The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham.) to those who cannot leave their homes all delivered by our team of volunteers Quote Julian
  • We are also providing members with supermarket vouchers if they cannot access their usual food support service.
  • Our amazing volunteers are also supporting our members with wellbeing Calls. these calls are organised, friendly 'check-ins' in addition to calls with their lead worker.
  • Our learning teams are giving our members different opportunities to learn, be this via online classes, workbooks, phone calls and lots of other wonderful ideas.
  • We are sending our members 'boredom buster' packs which include colouring books, quizzes, learning opportunities, and lots of other interesting things to support members and their wellbeing.

Its been a mad few weeks and we are always adapting the ways in which we support our members during these difficult times with each member getting a personal approach to ending their homelessness.

If you want to find out more, please email us birmingham@crisis.org.uk
Thank you to all our staff, volunteers and supporters who make all this work

If you can help more locally to Birmingham ...

We have put in measures to support our members with food parcels - working with The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham.

If you can, we need donations of food (fresh or tinned) to keep these packs going out weekly...

TRJFP have a warehouse at
Unit 58, Western Business Park, Great Western Close, Winson Green, B18 4QF.

We can organise non-contact pick ups or drop-offs with you,
please contact Ann on 07708 146849 if you can help!
There are fridges, freezers and shelving for storing all food types.