Crisis Skylight Croydon Volunteers meet with legendary British Film Director Ken Loach

18.04.2017 888 XX

Volunteers at Crisis Skylight Croydon had a special treat when they attended a local screening of I Daniel Blake film.  The event was held as part of a weekend where local people discussed the effects of benefit cuts and look at ways as a community that people could be supported. The event was held above a local café, Tomorrow.

The organisers contacted our Volunteer Coordinator and asked if anyone who had experience of being on benefits and the impact could be on the panel following the showing of the film. The director of the film, Ken Loach, would also be on the panel. We were offered ten free tickets to see the film. 

The offer was eagerly taken up and one of our Ambassador Volunteers offered to be on the panel and we filled the free tickets with Member and Community Volunteers as well as two members of staff.

When we got to the event we were asked if anyone would be willing to do an interview with Ken Loach. Two of our Members volunteered .They showed Ken Loach some of their art work and talked about their experiences . They came back from the interview very excited and said that Ken Loach had been very interested in their work and what they had to say.

Ken Loach came across as someone who had a lot of integrity as he explained the reasons for being involved with the I Daniel Blake project and the need to ensure that benefit cuts were challenged.

The Members watching the film feedback that they felt it was very accurate.

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