Leaves of success

03.04.2017 864 XX

On Tuesday 21 March, Crisis Skylight Edinburgh’s members, staff and supporters came together to celebrate their own and other’s success from the Winter Term.

The event was held at the Harry Younger Hall on Lochend Close and was a chance to enjoy and afternoon of celebration, with food, entertainment and activities.

Ann Gee, the newest member of the Crisis board, presented certificates to members who had achieved qualifications over the Winter term and tutors Will Golding and Deborah Shaw told the story of ‘The Songs that Shaped Our Lives’, a CSE course that had recently received an Adult Learner’s Week Award.

Part of the celebration was an activity called Leaves of Success, where everyone was asked to ‘leave a leaf’ with their story on the tree of success.  The success could be something already realised or a goal to achieve in the future, it could be significant or an every-day occurrence, just something that could describe a personal story of achievement.

From ‘I have a job’ to ‘I’ve got my dentures, eye glasses and I have somewhere I’m staying’, the leaves told stories as varied and individual as the people that left them.

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