Our building is being refurbished

11.04.2017 808 XX

Crisis Skylight Newcastle and Cafe buildingIn January 2017, we began a significant refurbishment of the centre, with objective of improving member experience, creating a better working environment for staff and members and expanding the amount of services we are able to offer. 

A disused classroom has been revamped into a fully functioning workshop that is now able to deliver a range of technical skills sessions to the homeless people of Newcastle. 

The reception area has had various changes made to create a warm, welcoming and inspirational space for our members. A new reception desk which was designed and built in partnership with Tilt Joinery and our members in sessions has now been erected in the revamped space.

Further developments on the ground floor of the Skylight in the creation of two much needed interview rooms where members will be seen on first visit to the skylight.