Therapeutic Art

Please click on the links below for some different therapeutic art activities to try

Therapeutic Colouring - printable sheets

Colouring 1

Colouring 2

Colouring 3

Colouring 4

Colouring 5

Colouring 6

Colouring 7

Colouring 8

Drawing Guides

How To Draw - learn how to draw animals, landscapes, people and more

Start Drawing - 4 part tutorial for beginners

Rangoli Designs


Zentangle Doodling Warm-Ups

Zendala Designs

ZIA Strings

Project Patterns

Additional Lettering Templates

Sample Alphabets

Online Activities

Art Work Jigsaws - from The Cooper Gallery in Barnsley

Treasures of The Louvre - be taken through the art and history at the Louvre 

Nature Inspired Art - 3 minute video for some arty inspiration

Create a Self-Esteem and Gratitude Journal

Ideas for Journal

Become a Zentangle master with these detailed guides, complete with detailed drawings, instructions and activities for you to complete

Tangles 1

Tangles 2

Tangles 3

Tangles 4

Tangles 5

Tangles 6

Tangles 7

Tangles 8

Tangles 9

Tangles 10

Photographing your art work - tips:

Blurriness Prevention 


Proportion & Composition

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