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Crisis gifts that help end homelessness

You can help someone on their journey out of homelessness through buying a gift that makes a difference.

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Give your friends and family a gift with a difference, that helps change people's lives and end homelessness.

Whether you buy a place for someone on an IT class or a set of kitchen basics for someone’s new home, your support will make a huge impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness.


How it works

Step 1 – Pick your gift

Choose from any of the life-changing options below to buy for a loved one.

Step 2 – Choose an e-card designed by a Crisis client and add a personal message

Pick which artwork you'd like to send, then write a message to send with it.

Step 3 – Deliver

Choose whether to send it to yourself or straight to the recipient.


Your donation won't be limited to the specific gift you choose but will go directly to our work to end homelessness.

"Services like Crisis help. They support you. And give you a helping hand or for some people a shoulder to cry on and the promise of something better somewhere down the road." Hephzibah, Crisis client

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Personal health essentials

Personal health essentials including a toothbrush, toothpaste and sanitary products


Travel costs

Travel costs for a homeless person to attend a flat viewing with a Crisis housing advisor


New home training

An hour of new home training (Renting Ready course) for five homeless people, helping them develop skills to manage their tenancy


Interview skills workshops

Two days of CV writing and interview skills workshops, to help a homeless person improve their employability


Kitchen basics for a new home

Kitchen basics for a new home including a kettle, toaster and microwave


Yoga classes

Three yoga classes for ten homeless women, helping them build confidence and improve their wellbeing


Eye test and glasses

An eye test and pair of glasses for someone who’s been sleeping rough


A term of IT classes

An accredited IT class for one term, helping a homeless person develop skills and build confidence


A term of literacy classes

An accredited literacy class for one term, helping a homeless person develop skills and build confidence


Help someone back into work

IT qualifications and interview skills to help someone get back into work


Three job ready kits

Three job-ready kits including new clothing, equipment and all required certifications (this is for members we get working in the construction industry)


Six counselling sessions

Six sessions of counselling for a homeless person, providing support from a mental health professional


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Choose your own donation amount to give as a Crisis gift.


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Your support means a lot to Crisis. Together we can do amazing things to end homelessness and transform lives.

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It is important for us to be able to contact you by post to administer your gift and acknowledge your support. Also, we would like to let you know more about the work of Crisis and Mayhew and how you can help end homelessness and provide year-round support for our services through donating, fundraising, campaigning and volunteering. However, if you would rather not receive such information by post, please let us know by calling 08000 38 48 38 or emailing mydetails@crisis.org.uk. Please see our privacy policy.

Email and phone

We'd also love to stay in contact by email, phone and text to let you know about the work of Crisis and Mayhew and how you can help end homelessness through donating, fundraising, campaigning and volunteering. Please see our privacy policy.

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  • We will respect your wishes at all times and we recognise that each and every one of our supporters is at the heart of Crisis - we simply could not do the work we do without you
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Contact us

If you have any queries about your support, would like to change the way we communicate with you or are dissatisfied in any way, please contact our dedicated Supporter Services team.

Call us on: 08000 38 48 38

Send an email to: supporter.helpline@crisis.org.uk

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