Play the Crisis Raffle today

We could all do with something to smile about, so why not have a bit of fun playing the Crisis Raffle?

Not only could you win the top prize of £7,500 – you’ll be helping to make Great Britain a place where there is a secure, permanent home for all.

Tickets only cost £1 each and there are some fantastic prizes to be won - but don’t miss out, as the closing date is 16 October!

Closing date: Friday, 16 October 2020

Playing the Crisis Raffle is a wonderful way to help people like Owen.

Family problems are a common cause of homelessness, and that’s what happened to Owen when his relationship with his father broke down. Local support services failed to give Owen the help he needed, so he ended up sleeping in his car for a month in the middle of winter.

Today Owen is rebuilding his life. We’ve helped him access counselling and support for finding a safe place to live in supported accommodation. By playing our raffle, you can help more people like Owen find a way out of homelessness for good.

"I had a lot of support thanks to Crisis.”

Last year, proceeds from our raffles were over £150,000, which will help Crisis to achieve its goal to end homelessness.


could provide essential advice to someone over a warm cup of tea.


could introduce someone to our services and help them take their first steps out of homelessness.


could help someone regain a sense of self-worth through healthcare and counselling.