Play the Crisis Summer Raffle and help end homelessness with every ticket

Everyone should have a safe and stable place to call home. Play the Crisis Summer Raffle and you could win an amazing cash prize of up to £7,500 and you’ll be playing your part in our plan to end homelessness in Britain once and for all.
With your help, Crisis can provide people with the skills training, access to qualifications, help with employment and expert housing support that can change their lives.

Play our Summer Raffle

Closing date: Thursday, 13 September 2018

“Now I spread the word about Crisis.”

“I never thought at the age of 50 I was going to be living on the streets,” Ann says. She was living with her father until he fell behind with his mortgage payments. The first Ann knew about it was when the eviction notice arrived.

“I thought it was quite easy to find somewhere,” she remembers, “but no deposit, no rent in advance – not a chance.” Ann managed to hold onto her job, even when she was sheltering in a bus terminal. Then she got a hostel place – and discovered Crisis.

At Crisis, Ann got crucial housing and financial advice, worked on improving her skills and got involved in art classes. Now she has more confidence, greater independence and real hope for the future. “Now I spread the word about Crisis,” Ann says. “They can help you.”


Play the Crisis Summer Raffle today and you can help someone like Ann leave homelessness behind for good.

Help end homelessness with every ticket


could help someone to be trained in practical, employable skills like bike maintenance and sewing


could provide a warm welcome and help someone take the first step out of homelessness


could help someone gain a sense of self-worth through healthcare and counselling

Last year, proceeds from our spring and summer Raffles were £336,881.80 which will help Crisis to achieve its goal to end homelessness.