The Crisis summer raffle has now closed

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Summer raffle. The winners are announced below. You can see more details about this raffle including the rules for how it was operated here

If you feel you have a problem with gambling, and would like to request that Crisis excludes you from receiving gambling related marketing materials, you can simply complete our form.

Last name




Hearn Nottinghamshire First £7500
Gallagher London Second £1000
Hagley Somerset Third £500
Priddle London Fourth £50
Suter Flintshire Fourth £50
Ryan Bedfordshire Fourth £50
Connell East Yorkshire Fourth £50
Barnes Kent Fourth £50
Brereton Cambridgeshire Fifth £25
Ogden Berkshire Fifth £25
Howard Hertfordshire Fifth £25
Hulse Gloucestershire Fifth £25
Tooth Surrey Fifth £25
Beacham East Sussex Fifth £25
Timbrell Greater London Fifth £25
Holroyd Aberdeen Fifth £25
Byrne London Fifth £25
Frost Norfolk Fifth £25