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Gemma's story

09.08.2017 1567 XX

"I didn’t really go to school. I got bullied most of the time growing up because of my mum. People looked at her like she was mad. She’s a very caring person but she's just too vulnerable.  

My dad died in 2010 and my mum’s in prison now. I’ve got my sister but she’s always busy so I don’t really see her much, so it’s just me by myself.  

My mum couldn’t cope with my dad dying and now I’ve grown up I look back and see that she really struggled to look after me and my sister after that. It was really hard for my mum and that’s why she is the way she is now. If I was in her situation I don’t think I would have coped very well either 

Me, my mum and my sister got evicted from my house because the landlady wanted to sell up. My mum couldn’t afford the rent anywhere else so we became homeless. My mum and my sister went into the night shelters. I stayed at my friends but eventually I went into the night shelters too. 

My parents didn’t encourage me or my sister to go down the right path so we ended up going a bit sideways. I try to keep my mind positive otherwise I would go down the wrong path. I don’t really like being on my own all the time. I find it hard. I feel lonely all the time. The hostel I’m in now is alright but the kind of people in there I don’t really want to be with. 

Now my mum has cancer and that’s affecting my own mental health. Without my mum I haven’t really got anyone. No family support or nothing. She comes out of prison in November and she’s going to try and put me on the straight path and I’m going to help her too."

Gemma, Croydon

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