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Step forward to end homelessness

Will you step forward to help end homelessness?

**The Crisis events team has been closely monitoring the escalating Coronavirus situation. With all mass events cancelled for the foreseeable future, we have decided to keep our virtual event, Step Forward running so more people can still take part safely, helping to keep themselves healthy and raising vital funds to keep our services running during this unprecedented time.**


Let your feet do the talking, and join us as we take steps towards a future without homelessness.  

Homelessness in Great Britain is on the rise, but we mustn’t lose hope. Our experience, through our services, campaigning work and research means that we know a future without homelessness is possible. In some parts of the world homelessness has been greatly reduced, with some forms being eradicated altogether – we’ve just got to take the right steps.  

That’s why we’re asking you to take part in our brand-new step challenge, Step forward to end homelessness.

Start by choosing one of our targets (or for smaller feet and different abilities, set your own goal), all of which represent key facts from our research that have informed the steps we must take to end homelessness.  

Then take as many steps towards your target as you can, in whichever way best suits you.

Walk, run, skip, dance, moon walk – use your imagination to think about all the creative ways you could reach your target!   

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to reach your £100 fundraising goal and encourage them to join you! We believe that the best approach to ending homelessness is one where we all step forward together. 

There’s plenty of opportunities to build the challenge into daily life! Take the family pet for an extra-long walk, invite your colleagues out for a lunch time stroll, do the food shop for a neighbour-in-need. This is a step-challenge that fits into your life, at a time of your choosing. 

Step forward, and together, we can end homelessness.  

Event details


When: March - April 2020 

Where: Anywhere you want 

Registration fee: £10 (Free for U16s)

Fundraising target: £100 


Step forward