Stream to end homelessness

Could you go live for Crisis and raise vital funds towards our work to end homelessness?

Start streaming

Whether you complete an epic gaming marathon alone or challenge the friends that you can’t see in person at the moment, go live to end homelessness. 

Streaming live is a fantastic way to connect with friends and others, while raising funds for Crisis.  

Set up your fundraising stream on Tiltify

 Set up your fundraising stream on Justgiving


Live-streaming inspiration

  • Marathon. Get your friends together for a non-stop  streaming marathon. 
  • Against The Clock. Set yourself a personal best time challenge to beat live on stream.
  • Rewind. Replay a retro or old game, or your first ever game, start-to-finish.

Streaming is not just for gamers.  Bakers, make-up artists, musicians and gym bunnies to go live – create your own challenge and raise funds to help keep people connected and take their first steps out of homelessness.

For more inspiration, check out our streaming wall of fame below. 

If you've raised funds through streaming and would like to make a donation, please follow the link below and select 'Gaming/Livestreaming' from the dropdown. 

Pay in money raised through your stream 

Streaming Wall of Fame

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Inel's Retro Chrimbo  logo

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Social Sharing Toolkit

Download our social sharing graphics to let your friends, family and followers know that you are going live!

Streaming FAQs

Choose your livestreaming activity - that might be gaming, quizzing, baking, performing, or even just chatting. Whatever you choose to do, go live and help end homelessness.

Set up a fundraising page on  Tiltify or Justgiving, or raise funds through your own methods. 

Promote your stream to your friends, family and followers. We can help with promotion if you let us know when you're going live. 


Integrating your stream into Tiltify or Justgiving page makes it really easy for your friends, family and followers to donate directly to Crisis. 

Tiltify provide easy to use tools and Crisis is set up to directly receive funds raised by your stream on any of your preferred platforms that connect to Tiltify (e.g., Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live).  

In-stream incentives, rewards and challenges can be worth extra donations.

If you already have a Justgiving account, you may prefer to use that platform for your fundraising. 

You may also use the built-in fundraising tools provided on YouTube and/or Facebook (i.e. Youtube, Facebook donation button, Facebook fundraiser). If you use one of these platforms, please let us know. 

Tiltify is a livestream fundraising platform that provides tools for streamers to easily raise money for a charity. Once registered on the platform, you can begin raising money to support Crisis through your Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live. 

Tiltify has a useful library of support resources if you have specific questions about the platform.  

Absolutely – please get in touch with the team and let them know your event date, so we can make sure items reach you in time. 

In the meantime, why not use some of the downloads available above or check out our digital fundraising resources to help spread the word.  

Please contact us and the team will be pleased to help.

It's completely up to you when you do your charity stream. We recommend allowing some time to plan and promote your livestream to make sure you get the best possible audience. 

Money raised will support our year-round work across Great Britain, helping provide housing, employment, education and wellbeing services; and ensuring more people move out of homelessness. 

If you want to make suggested donation amounts to your audience or set your target, below are some examples of how money raised through streaming will help people experiencing homelessness:

£5 - a session with a Crisis advisor at Christmas to introduce Crisis’ services

£12 – travel costs to attend a flat viewing with a Crisis housing advisor  

£25 - an hour of new home training for five people, helping them develop skills to manage their tenancy

£52 – two days of CV writing and interview skills workshops, to help someone improve their employability

£71 – three yoga classes for ten women, helping them build confidence and improve their wellbeing

£96 – an accredited IT class for one term, helping  develop skills and build confidence

£130 – an accredited literacy class for one term, helping develop skills and build confidence

£323 – six sessions of counselling, providing support from a mental health professional

Under 18s can take part only with the express permission of a parent or guardian.  

Crisis takes the safety and wellbeing of children and young people very seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about a fundraising page or livestream you have seen, please get in touch with the team

Of course. If you need to cancel or postpone your event, for any reason, please let us know. 

You may also need to cancel or remove any associated pages on third party platforms, depending on your event. 


Yes, we are happy to promote your livestream on our supporter-led Twitter channel, @CrisisPeople

You can also tag our main accounts into your posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to ensure that we are aware. We will promote further where possible. 

We can also provide resources and information to help you raise awareness of your stream and our work.