Gabriella's story. 'When you’re on drugs you’re not aware of where reality is.'

"I’ve been photographing reflections on water. You don’t know where reality starts and finishes if the reflection is that clear. Not until the water’s disturbed. And I think that’s like life as well. When you’re on drugs you’re not aware of where reality is, and it’s hard to differentiate between the two.  

I was privately rented. The landlord wasn’t very nice. I found him on Gumtree and the house was absolutely vile, it really was, but it was all I could afford. I worked so many hours, like sixty hours. I was doing care work, but to keep myself up I was taking drugs, and it got worse, and worse and worse, and then I got to a point that I needed to stop. I lost my job and ended up in a hostel in Barnsley, but I pulled myself off the drink and drugs all on my own, no help, back in December last year. 

I’ve been there three months. I’ve been doing something called a ‘Rent and Ready’ course. I got a certificate the other night in Doncaster which was really good. But they’ve given me advice on renting and everything, and they’ve pointed me in the right direction for getting on the Council list. I get help towards my bond and my first month’s rent, and they give you support with furniture and everything as well so it’s absolutely brilliant. I can build my life back again."

Gabriella, Sheffield

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