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Housing First

In order to have a society where we can all thrive, it is essential that everyone has a home. Everything else, all the wraparound support can come later.

Housing First ensures members have genuine choice and control over where and how they live. We advocate for access to self-contained accommodation – your own tenancy as quickly as possible - and offer intensive, flexible support for as long as is needed. In Housing First, ending support won’t mean losing your home. The pace and priorities are set by the member and we focus on building a safe, trusting, collaborative and empowering relationship - working proactively towards their goals and aspirations.

At Crisis, we deliver a London-wide Housing First service and currently operate across 13 London boroughs. Accessing accommodation across London is not without its challenges but it enables us to offer a real choice to our members about where they want to live. It is an opportunity to build important links across a variety of local authority areas and share examples of creative practice across a range of statutory and voluntary services.

Three Housing First national pilots were announced in 2018 in Liverpool, Manchester and the West Midlands. Housing First is an evidence-based service and this pilot develops the evidence further, ensuring those with lived experience are involved in service design and delivery.

Bianca, our Housing First Team Manager, explains the impact Housing First can make.

Grants Programmes

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve hugely grown our grant programmes to support hundreds of local organisations. We’ve received support for our grant programme funding from Comic Relief and the JRF Foundation and since March 2020, we’ve invested over £3.2 million in grant funding.

If you want to find out more, click the link below to explore which organisations we’re working with by region, theme and type of grant.

Grant Programmes


Get the word out

We are looking for volunteers who can represent Crisis in their local community.

You can do this as a Community Engagement volunteer by talking to local people, community groups and businesses. Or as a member of a local Fundraising Group by coming together with others to organise your own fundraising.

We’ll provide training on how to talk about the causes of homelessness, the impact it has and what needs to be done to end homelessness for good. And we’ll welcome you into a national network of volunteers who are all having conversations for change in their local community.

Find out more here or you can Join a Crisis Fundraising Group or Become a Community Engagement volunteer or contact