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Skylight tour

Explore the London Skylight to see how you can help our members receive one-to-one support with our skilled coaches and essential classes that give them the skills to start over.

By funding courses like maths, mental health and employment skills, you are helping people across the country to take ownership of their lives, build support networks and gain qualifications that take them one step closer to a job or a secure home. Everything that you see in the interactive 360 tour below is only possible because of the generosity of people like you.

The art of the possible

Art is changing lives at Crisis and it’s all thanks to you

Here, Paula Lonergan, Arts Manager, Crisis Skylight London, explains why artistic expression is so important to people.

“Many of the people that arrive at Crisis are traumatised, living on the margins and isolated from society. Doing something artistic, in a safe and social place, slowly helps them reconnect."

"What’s great about art is that it’s accessible for all – anyone can enjoy it. And by art, I actually mean everything from performance art, painting and hat making, to music, blogging and website design. These are all things we can offer at Crisis, thanks to you."

“It’s wonderful to see people’s confidence grow while they’re here. Being homeless is such a heavy weight. Your sense of self can be completely lost, so it’s really powerful when someone’s narrative changes from ‘I’m homeless’ to ‘I’m a photographer’."

Top tips for better sleep

Boosting people’s mental and physical wellbeing is core to our work and we have experts on everything from Reiki and yoga, to meditation and exercise. So we’d like to give you a little something back with this expert advice. Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager, Petria Aylen, shares some of her top tips for getting a great night’s sleep...

ESSENTIAL OILS can help you de-stress, lift your mood and sleep better. My favourite oil is Geranium oil - just put a few drops on your neck and behind your ears at night and feel the calm…

KIWI FRUITS can help you bliss out and drift off. Kiwi fruits contain high levels of serotonin, which is important for good sleep, so try eating two before bed.

TURKEY contains the amino acid Tryptophan, which helps the body produce Niacin, which then means the body can produce Serotonin to help you sleep. 

SMILING helps your brain and your body to relax. So, try smiling when your head hits the pillow and it will let your nervous system know that everything is ok and you are safe.

TRY A BEDTIME TEA. A special blend tea with soothing ingredients such as camomile, lavender or honey could help you relax. Find one that suits you and get cosy before bed.

RHYTHMIC BREATHING can reduce stress and help you feel calm. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 7 and breathe out for 8. 

YOGA STRETCHES before bed can help you feel deeply calm. We hold most of our tension in our neck and shoulders so a Child’s Pose before bed can help loosen up this area. Another restorative yoga pose, well known for helping with insomnia, is the Legs up the Wall Pose.

MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS can help you accept any worrying thoughts going around your mind and let them go. Try a 10-minute and build from there. Great apps include Calm and Headspace.

A BATH WITH MAGNESIUM SALTS helps relax the muscles and calm the body before sleep. Magnesium can also help prevent stress hormones from entering the brain. 

LOSING YOUR PHONE is one of the best things you can do. Not only can the blue light disrupt sleep, but the scrolling and messaging keeps your brain stimulated.  Replace your phone with an alarm clock and avoid screens for 90 minutes before bed.