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Applications are now open

Below we’ve answered the questions we expect you to have right now. We also host weekly meet & greet sessions and you can reach out to us directly with any other questions you have.   

If you have your latest account and customer data to hand, the application should take you no more than 20 minutes to submit. Please note there is always the option to save your progress and come back to it to complete at your convenience. Applications will close 8 January.  


Apply now 

We don’t have a one-size fits all approach. We will work with you to find terms that work for both of us and agree our equity investment up front with you prior to your business officially joining the Studio. We will make investment decisions based on your development stage and the amount of support and investment you require.

We want to invest in our portfolio for the long term. Practically, this equates to an initial 6-month bespoke package of support and ongoing access to our Studio resources for the duration of our partnership.

We recognise that diverse teams bring diverse experience, expertise and creativity into a business and as research shows, have the best chance of achieving the greatest impact and commercial success. We’re looking for teams who have worked together for at least a year and have weathered some of the trickier entrepreneurial storms together. We’re not averse to investing in solo founders, having every respect for those choosing this riskier and tougher journey, but we would need to understand that solo founders have a stable and supportive team in place since founder wellbeing is top of mind for us.

We’re looking for long-term partners who share our values; who want to actively participate in the Studio; who are open to sharing their learnings both within the community and more publicly; who are comfortable advocating for the end of homelessness and committed to building an inclusive and open culture.

At least one to two days per week for the first six months, we will also expect a minimum of one member of the founding team to participate within the Studio community discussions and workshops, and for the team to be represented in every one of the activities developed as part of your bespoke programme. 

Yes, we will only invest in incorporated businesses.

We consider ourselves to sit in the ‘patient capital’ camp which means that we’re not aggressive VCs, recognising that impactful solutions can need a little more time to grow. However, we do expect a return on our investment and have global ambitions for our portfolio, recognising that our joint solutions could solve homelessness on a global scale. We are also tech for good evangelists and will work with you to build the most appropriate and responsible tech solutions to accelerate your business journey.

No. Our agreed equity investment will cover all the support and access you receive through the Studio for the duration of our partnership.

We will build a bespoke package of support based on your needs, providing you with access to our network of homelessness, tech, product, impact, growth, funding and professional service experts. You will also have regular access to experts with lived experience and best practice with whom you can co-design, test and corroborate your solutions.

We expect your business will likely be pre-seed with a product in market and some proven market traction (ie customers and revenue). You’re working full time on the business and probably looking to raise a formal round of funding in the next 8-12 months. But if you don’t fit that profile exactly, we still want to hear from you.

No problem; that’s what our experts bring to the party. If you’re committed to our mission to accelerate the end of homelessness and are willing to work together with us to track your impact ongoing, we’re grand.

We know your focus needs to be on running and growing the business. We’re here to help you accelerate that growth and as partners and investors in your future, we want to see your equal commitment to that growth. What does that mean?  

  • Weekly check ins with the Studio team – where do you need help/support to remove barriers, celebrating the week’s wins, sharing learnings 
  • Active participation by one of the founding team in the designated Studio community activities 
  • Attendance by your team at all the activities agreed within your bespoke programme 

Not currently. Right now, we’re only investing in companies limited by shares. But do get in touch or meet our team, we’d still love to hear from you.

No. Homelessness is not a London-centric problem and therefore we want to ensure we embrace innovation from around the UK and beyond. We will be delivering our support virtually and encouraging our community to meet up in person when it’s safe to do so.

Application deadline: 8 January 2020 
Short listing and clarification calls: Mid-January 2021 
Investment board approval: End January 2021 
Portfolio investment confirmation: February 2021 
Bespoke 6-month package commences: February 2021