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Poll reveals rising fear of homelessness

A YouGov poll commissioned by Crisis revealed that one in four people in Britain is worried about losing their home, as homelessness continues to rise.

Government homelessness figures released on Thursday revealed that the number of people accepted as homeless by their local council rose 6%.

The YouGov survey on behalf of homelessness charity Crisis found that:

  • a quarter (25%) of people are concerned about losing their homes or being forced to move out because of Britain's current economic problems.
  • a quarter (24%) of people are worried that they could get into difficulties with rent or mortgage payments in the next few months and 6% are already struggling with payments .

After being told that that the current law means that most single homeless people do not have a right to accommodation and that a report by the Local Government Ombudsman found that councils sometimes do not give single homeless people the help they need:

  • nearly three quarters (74%) said that they would support a change in the current law so that councils must provide advice, assistance and emergency accommodation to single homeless people.

The poll also asked how people would act and the help they would expect if they became homeless themselves.

  • Many (44%) said they would approach their council for accommodation
  • Most (57%) believed that if they were homeless then they should be able to get short term emergency accommodation and help to find somewhere more permanent to stay from their council.


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