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We campaign for the changes needed to end homelessness for good.

Everybody In

In 21st century Britain, everybody should have a place to live.

We know we can #EndHomelessness. But we need the political will to make it happen.

Join our Everybody In campaign, and ask your politician to pledge their support for ending homelessness for good.

We need to get Everybody In to end homelessness. Are you in?

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Our campaigning

Since 1967 Crisis has campaigned for an end to homelessness. But we know we can’t do it on our own. We use research and evidence from services to uncover problems and to develop solutions. We work with thousands of campaigners, homeless people, allies and influencers to get the lasting change we need to end homelessness.   

Sometimes our campaigning is very public and sometimes we make the case for change behind the scenes. We campaign on a range of issues including benefits and employment, health and wellbeing, housing, law and rights, and rough sleeping.  We campaign to change policy in Westminster, devolved administrations, city regions and local councils.

And we need your help. 

Our latest campaigns

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Our campaign successes

Together with homeless people and thousands of Crisis supporters, we've achieved real change.

Making a difference


2017 was a successful year for Crisis’ policy and campaigns team. But as important as our success...


When the Chancellor delivered his Budget yesterday we were waiting with baited breath to see if there would be anything on homelessness. The Huffington Post had trailed that there might be a small amount of cash but nothing big. But we were not disappointed. The Chancellor had listened to our supporters and the many politicians who called for more action to tackle homelessness, and in particular for investment in Help to Rent projects to support homeless people move into and sustain tenancies in the private rented sector.


In today’s Budget the Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced these measures for tackling homelessness which Crisis has campaigned for: £20m for private rented sector access and support (Help to Rent schemes campaigned for by Crisis) £28 for Housing First pilot schemes in 3 areas: Manchester, Liverpool and the West Midlands Confirmed the launch of the Homelessness Reduction Taskforce, which will develop a cross‑government strategy to work towards its commitment to halve rough sleeping by 2022


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Our campaign successes