At Crisis, we have seen that incredible things can happen when people come together and unite around a shared goal. We see this every day when the lives of people experiencing homelessness are changed thanks to our supporters. Together we can create a new standard of living in Great Britain, work constructively with our political leaders on the steps needed to get there, and ultimately fulfil the most basic human right for all – a safe and stable home. Matt Downie, Chief Executive

Our funding priorities

Capital Appeal

In the 20 years since Crisis Skylight London has been open, the picture of homelessness has dramatically changed. The pressures that cause homelessness are more complicated, with people experiencing multiple and complex needs that can make it challenging to get the help they desperately need. Our service model has changed in recent years to fit with the more complex needs of people experiencing homelessness, but our building no longer supports this purpose in the best way possible. We have found a new building and with the help our of supporters, we will create a pioneering centre offering in-depth support in a space that is safe and welcoming, whilst also allowing us to collaborate with other services in the area. For more information on how you can support, please get in touch with the Philanthropy team.

The Journeys Home Fund

By 2024, Crisis' first giving club - The Journeys Home Fund - aims to have supported around 600 people out of homelessness, for good. By investing in our team of expert coaches, you are not only directly transforming hundreds of people's lives but helping to lay down a blueprint for ending homelessness throughout the country. The Journeys Home Fund is an opportunity to closely follow the impact of your generosity through regular updates from our coaches and the people they are supporting, quarterly reporting on KPIs, and the offer of exclusive meetings and events. To learn more about joining a community of philanthropists who are united by the mission of ending homelessness, please get in touch with the Philanthropy Team.

Mental Health and Homelessness

There is a very real need for effective health and wellbeing support specifically for homeless people. As such, health and wellbeing is an important aspect of our work at Crisis, as without these basic needs being met it is very difficult for someone to access employment and housing. Across our 11 Skylight centres we work to signpost people to the health services they need, run a range of homeless specific health check-ins and mental health and wellbeing activities. We also have Clinical Psychologists at each of our Skylights that provide support to our members and provide training and advice to our teams. For more information on how you can support, please get in touch with the Philanthropy Team.

Crisis at Christmas

Every year Crisis at Christmas opens its doors to people who are facing homelessness at Christmas. As a national charity we offer much needed warmth, healthcare, food and company to people experiencing homelessness across the UK. Everyone who comes to Crisis is a valued individual, treated with respect, listened to and cared for and it's the start of specialist support that lasts all year round. From skills training to help with employment, people get the support they need to leave homelessness behind and find a safe and secure home. And they'll have someone standing by their side for as long as it takes.

Our supporters

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As a Crisis supporter, we will ensure that you see the full impact of your giving. You can be involved in crucial moments of the project you support. These are some of the wider opportunities you'll have as a Crisis philanthropist:

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Meet the team

I joined Crisis in November 2020, inspired by the charity's incredible response to the pandemic. The previous winter, I had volunteered with The Genesis Trust in Bath, collecting unwanted winter clothing for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. This opened my eyes to the scale of the problem in England, revealing the invisible homeless and the shocking inequality and injustice - within our society, right under our noses.

I've worked in fundraising for over ten years, in charities and higher education. During that time, I've had the pleasure of getting to know some incredibly committed supporters, who have taught me that philanthropy isn't just about money; it's about taking a risk and believing in someone, about challenging the status quo and believing in a better society for all. 

The team here at Crisis are brilliant. No matter what their role is, or at which level, everyone is 100% committed to ending homelessness. I find that quite remarkable, and it's a real inspiration.

I have been working in the homelessness sector for 7 years now. My career has varied between street outreach, working early morning or late night shifts alongside people rough sleeping, to supporting people leaving prison with complex housing issues.
I'd always been aware of Crisis and had constantly been impressed by not only their innovative frontline work, but their progressive and outspoken campaigning. Crisis has always stood out to me as an organisation that is fearlessly fighting for the rights of homeless people across the UK.
I have worked here for almost 5 years now and before I was part of our fundraising team, I was working as a Housing Coach in our Crisis Skylight London centre. My time within that team has given me first-hand experience of the important impact that Crisis has on our members. We are only able to continue that work through support from our incredible donors, so I feel privileged to now be in the position to speak with them every day and show them just how their support is changing lives.

I joined Crisis in early 2023 excited by their ambition and values-led approach to ending homelessness. It is a failure of modern society that so many people continue to experience homelessness and am proud to be part of an organisation that is changing this. I have been impressed in by Crisis holistic approach to ending homelessness, not only through their front line work and the support they offer members, but also through their policy and campaigning work.
I have worked in fundraising for over 12 years for a range of charities and have always been passionate about tackling social justice and global inequality. I believe that we all have the ability and responsibility  to build a fairer and better world, and it is a privilege in my role to work with some of our amazing supporters who share this passion. I am constantly inspired by the resolve and commitment of members, colleagues and supporters across Crisis who work tirelessly everyday to end homelessness.

I joined Crisis in late 2020, having previously worked at Cancer Research UK and a fundraising consultancy. I've been passionate about social justice for a long time and was hugely inspired by the breadth of Crisis' ambition, as well as the warmth and compassion of the team here.
It's unacceptable that anyone in our country doesn't have a safe place to call home, but for so many people to be experiencing the indignity of homelessness is a disgrace. I don't ever want to live in a society that considers it to be 'normal' or 'okay' that people are forced to sofa-surf, sleep rough, or live out of temporary accommodation.
We know what it will take to end homelessness, and how to get there, so I'm really excited to be managing the Journeys Home Fund (Crisis' first giving club). Collaborating with Crisis' incredible supporter community to ensure that our front-line staff can deliver the best possible service for our members is a real privilege, and I'm humbled every day by the stories that people share with us.

When I was in my 20s I spent a year working for a radio station in Cork. During this time, we broadcast a series of stories narrated by people experiencing homelessness around the city. A doctor, a refugee, a grandfather, a postgraduate, every story was unique, yet a common thread emerged none of them ever expected to find themselves forced into homelessness and now that they were, they felt unseen, unheard, unacknowledged.

Now, 10 years later, I am so proud to be a part of Crisis mission to end homelessness for good.

Based just around the corner from our London Skylight, I have the privilege of working with the charity's most philanthropic donors, maximising the impact their support can have on achieving this goal.

I love fundraising, I love helping to make a difference to the lives of others. What motivates me when it gets tough? well, I return to a quote I first heard in Cork all those years ago - the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members (Gandhi)

In 2020 after learning about the archaic Vagrancy Act of 1824, which still made it a criminal offence to sleep rough in England and Wales in modern Britain, I was motivated to conduct my research dissertation on the omnipresent stigma and exclusion forced upon those who experience homelessness. Whilst researching for this thesis, I came across Crisis and was inspired by the incredible work they do.

I joined Crisis in December 2022, the same year that Crisis had successfully completed its campaign to force the government to finally repeal the Vagrancy Act.

This felt like such a full circle moment for me, and I consider myself so lucky to be working for an organisation that is determined to end homelessness for good. It is a privilege to get to know philanthropists who stand with those experiencing homelessness, and to work closely with them on the journey to ensure everyone has a warm, safe and stable place to call home.


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Crisis Volunteer Andrea sat down for a conversation with one of our funders, Sonal Sachdev Patel, whose family foundation supports the work of ending homelessness in our lifetime. God My Silent Partner Foundation (GMSP) was founded by her parents Ramesh and Pratibha Sachdev.

Housing First is proven to end homelessness for around 80% of people with complex needs. That's why we are calling for a full roll-out across England, Scotland, and Wales.

We had the opportunity to speak to Crisis Supporters Alison and Peter Bye about their relationship with Crisis and their generous decision to include a gift to Crisis in their Will.

Along with a greater focus on our own services and supporting the wider sector, Crisis is calling on the UK Government to commit to a plan which contains the actions needed to end homelessness for all.

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