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As human beings, we all have a right to be treated with dignity and we all need a home to build a life and thrive.

But right now, hundreds of thousands of people in our country are experiencing homelessness – forced to sleep on friends' sofas and floors, live in crowded or unsafe places, sleep on buses or in cars or even stay out on the street.

You really can make a difference and help someone to change their life. Please donate what you can today.

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I came to Crisis in 2019 when I had been sleeping on a bus and in a hostel. It was amazing to have a bed to sleep in, people around me who were helpful and kind, and to be put in touch with other services who could help me. “I was blown away by the experience I had with my Crisis coach and I don’t know how I can ever thank Crisis enough. I really can’t overstate how transformational it was.


How your donation helps

Your donation helps to fund Crisis at Christmas and our year-round work with people experiencing homelessness.

How we help someone depends on their individual needs. It could be help finding a home, learning new skills and finding a job, or supporting health and wellbeing.

We use research to find wider solutions to homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to end homelessness for good.

How we spend your pound

For every £1 we spend on fundraising, we raise another £2.19 to fund our charitable services  

*Based on a 5 year period 

Our fundraising promise

We are registered with Fundraising Regulator and are honest, respectful and accountable to our supporters.

Your support means a lot to Crisis. Together we can do amazing things to end homelessness and transform lives.

Contact the supporter helpline

Please contact our Supporter Services team if you have any questions about making a donation to Crisis. You can also contact them if you would like to change the way we communicate with you.