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This blog originally featured on Huffington Post This week the new Government set out its priorit...

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In recent weeks and months, we’ve learned that a number of Crisis clients have been caught up in the Government’s policy to detain rough sleepers from the European Economic Area (EEA) and send them back to their country of origin. It’s hard to imagine UK nationals ever being treated with such little respect for their wishes or wellbeing, and we’re urging the Government to suspend this policy immediately.

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The Crisis policy conference on “Ending Homelessness: What Needs to Change” took place on 20 April and marked the launch of our national consultation on ending homelessness.

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Last month, Crisis turned 50. This was a milestone that as an organisation we never wanted to rea...

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When this snap election was called, political commentators said it would be about one issue only:...

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After years of campaigning, we are celebrating the Homelessness Reduction Bill receiving Royal As...

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“The summer of 2015, I became homeless. It was like an earthquake. I knew I had to survive, I had...

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Today marks the start of our 50th anniversary year. In 1967, responding to the spiralling homeles...

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It is now increasingly well documented just how dangerous and isolating an experience rough sleep...

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For many under 35 year-olds looking for homes in the private rented sector (PRS), sharing with ot...

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