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This week is Remember a Charity Week. Organisations working with everything from health and human...


At Shelter we see the devastating impact of welfare reform every day and we lay bare the conseque...


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been fortunate enough to travel round the US as a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow to find out more about how other organisations are campaigning to build public and political support to end homelessness. One of the questions I was asked time and time again by the people I met, was why, when we have a housing benefit system based on need, does homelessness still exist in the UK?


Jon Sparkes, Crisis Chief Executive and chair of the Welsh Homelessness Action Group, reports back from the third meeting of the group. This meeting focused on solutions to reduce rough sleeping this winter and also how to end rough sleeping altogether.


Ensuring everyone has safe, stable housing creates a stronger society where homelessness has no p...


With a new Prime Minister has come an almost entirely new team of fresh faces at the Ministry for...


I took a freelance arts job at Crisis years ago and I’ve never looked back, because it’s inspiring to see so many Crisis members find their identity again through art.


The Wales Homelessness Action Group met for the second time towards the end of the July with many actions to discuss since the first meeting a month before. Jon Sparkes, the group chair and Crisis chief executive, reports back from the second meeting and on the progress to date.


England needs to deliver 80-90,000 additional homes for social rent each year for at least the ne...


Holyrood event sheds light on #ALifeinLimbo