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Please be aware contributions to this blog contain strong language and depictions of racial attac...


The pandemic has shown the importance of the welfare state – providing help to millions of people...


All parties in Wales must commit to making ending homelessness and helping people into safe and stable housing a priority in this election. Yn etholiadau hyn, mae rhaid i wleidyddion ymrwymo at roi terfyn ar ddigartrefedd a sicrhau bod helpu pobl i sicrhau tai diogel a sefydlog yn flaenoriaeth.


There are positive signs emerging that the height of the pandemic is over. We’re seeing an increa...


Think about the last time you read or heard something about a topic that’s not close to you. How...


With the pandemic drastically changing the rental sector and putting people’s income stability un...


There has been a lot of talk about how we can build a more resilient and sustainable society in o...


After nearly two years in prison, Patrick was released with three plastic bags filled with his belongings, no phone and no place to stay. “Not having a plan caused anxiety”, he explains. “You're trying to change, but you have no money, you have nowhere to go”.


As the Secretary of State gives the clearest sign to date that the Westminster Government is considering repealing the Vagrancy Act, our policy lead for the Scrap the Act campaign reflects on what this would mean for ending rough sleeping in England and Wales.


Today the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) published the annual rou...