Make History: Let's end homelessness

Let's build a future free from homelessness

Women being able to vote. People being able to marry whoever they love. These are all things that once seemed impossible. But people came together to shape a new future. They refused to accept the status quo. They made history. We can do the same with homelessness.

Because soaring bills, rising rents, and a sheer lack of affordable housing are making it harder for us all to have a safe, secure and affordable home. It’s unacceptable.

Yet no major political party has a plan to tackle it.

We need the UK Government and all political parties to catch up and commit to a national mission to end all forms of homelessness.

We can build a future free from homelessness. Let’s make history. Are you in? 


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Andrea's story

We all need a safe, decent home. But like too many of us, Andrea was forced to stay in unsafe, insecure housing, because of the lack of affordable properties to rent. This is her story.


The reality of homelessness

Andrea's story

”I just want stability, do you know what I mean? I don't want to be moving around every five minutes. We didn't know where we were going to end up." Andrea has been renting her property since 2019 but during that time has experienced terrible conditions and been issued with two Section 21 eviction notices.

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George's story

“I was first helped by Crisis about 17 years ago. I was rough sleeping at the time. They got me into a hostel. From there I moved into a room in a house, and then about a year later, I started fundraising.”

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What history shows us

History is full of ideas that once seemed radical. Impossible even. Such as women being able to vote or people being able to marry whoever they love. But people came together and refused to accept the status quo. They made history. 

We have another idea that may seem radical. But it isn’t. We know that together we can make homelessness a thing of the past. Together, we can make it history. But only if action is taken to end it now.  

We’ve already made positive progress towards ending homelessness in Scotland and Wales by working with the Governments there. We now need to extend this across the whole of Great Britain and consign homelessness to the history books.   

We can be a country where no one faces homelessness. Here’s how.