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Tell political party leaders: winning our votes means a commitment to ending homelessness

The failure of successive UK Governments has pushed homelessness to record levels.  

The cost of living, rising rents, and a sheer lack of truly affordable housing are making it harder for us to have the safe, secure home we all need. 

As the general election approaches, we have a huge opportunity. We need to show all politicians that we won't tolerate homelessness any longer.  

We want an end to freezing nights on the streets. An end to sleeping on a different friend’s sofa every week. An end to months stuck in temporary accommodation with no way out. 

Together, let's demand that the next UK Government makes ending homelessness a society-wide mission for the next decade. 

Make your voice count. Sign our letter to all party leaders to tell them that winning our votes means a commitment to ending homelessness. 


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Open letter to political party leaders:

Dear Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer and Sir Edward Davey:

All of us should have a safe and stable home. It’s the foundation for everything else in our lives.

But as you read this, hundreds of thousands of us are being failed. We’re being failed because our housing system is broken.

For decades now, successive governments have failed in their duty to take the critical steps needed to end homelessness, and to build enough social housing. This has to change.

This country doesn’t need to be a place where any of us spends a night on the streets fearing for our lives. Where the rising cost of living and soaring rents push people from their homes and onto friends’ sofas.

Where families are forced to live in cramped hostels and mouldy B&Bs that make them ill, or have no other option but to wash their children’s clothes in the bath because they don’t have access to basic facilities.

That’s why we’re joining together to demand that you make ending homelessness a society-wide mission for the next decade.

This means building good quality social homes and repurposing properties in our communities that have been empty for a long time. And we need to ensure that those of us forced to sleep on the street get the right support to leave the cold nights behind.

At the next election we have a decision to make. But so do you. This is your chance to build a lasting legacy by taking the decisive action needed to end homelessness for good.

We’ve set things right before. Women being able to vote. People being able to marry who they love. Things that once seemed impossible – until we, as a society, decided that things should be different.

A future free from homelessness is possible but we need you to deliver it. Are you up to the challenge?

Yours sincerely,

The undersigned

Signatories so far

Matt Downie, Crisis Chief Executive

Lived experience campaigners: Andrea Gilbert, Andrew Ashley, Annabelle Murphy, Anne Taylor, Antony Ross, Barn Cockell, Dean Symington, Kudirat Kolawole, Loraine Masiya Mponela (author), Manoel Filho, Nicholas Couchman, Paul Atherton FRSA, Ray Clements, Sara Metz, Thomas Inman, Wayne Hollis


Aisling Bea (Comedian)

Al Doyle (Musician, Hot Chip)

Amy Love (Musician, Nova Twins)

Ayo Akinwolere (Broadcaster)

Bessie Carter (Actor)

Dan Smith (Musician, Bastille)

Coldplay (Musicians)

David Gandy (Founder, WellWear)

Ellie Goulding (Musician)

George Clarke (TV presenter)

Georgia South  (Musician, Nova Twins)

Imelda Staunton CBE (Actor)

Jim Carter OBE (Actor)

Jo Brand (Comedian)

Joe Lycett (Comedian)

Lorna Tucker (Film director) Micheal Ward (Actor) Nyome Nicholas-Williams (Model and activist)

Rebecca Ferguson (Actor)

Sam Phillips (Actor)

Sir Jonathan Pryce CBE (Actor)

Steve Coogan (Actor and Writer) Sopé Dìrísù (Actor) Tom Davis (Actor and comedian)

Tom Stubbs (Stylist)

Will Poulter (Actor)



And more than 11,000 people from around Britain.


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Manoel's story

We all need a safe, decent, affordable home. Manoel came to the UK after fleeing persecution.

He was most recently forced into homelessness following an eviction notice. He was placed in temporary accommodation with inadequate facilities, far from his support system. This is his story.