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Benefits and employment

Recent reforms to the benefit system are causing homelessness and making it harder for homeless people to get back on their feet.

What is the solution?

We are working to make sure that the benefit system provides a safety net to prevent people becoming homeless. This includes making sure it covers the cost of housing in all parts of the UK. The benefit system has a really important role to play in helping homeless people find and hold onto jobs. To do this it must help people overcome problems related to their housing situation.

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The issues explained

Housing Benefit

Recent changes to Housing Benefit are causing people to become homeless, and making it harder to move on from homelessness.

Universal Credit

The benefits system is changing. This is a chance to improve things for the better. But it’s currently making life more difficult for some.

Benefit sanctions

Sanctions are causing homelessness. People are often sanctioned because they are expected to do things they can’t manage while they’re homeless.

Employment support

The benefits system often doesn't do enough to help homeless people get jobs. It doesn’t provide housing support or take account of additional needs.

Impact on homelessness

Our research looks into how the welfare system impacts on homelessness.


of homeless people have experienced being sanctioned


of homeless people have previously had a job.


Today is a significant day in our efforts to end homelessness in Scotland for good as Local Government and Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart confirmed that the final recommendations of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG) have been accepted by the Scottish Government.


What you can do


We could not do our work without the support and commitment of volunteers throughout the year across the UK.

Volunteering positions

Add your voice to the thousands of Crisis campaigners who sign petitions, email their MP and raise awareness. 

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