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Health and wellbeing

Being homeless has a negative impact on someone’s health and makes it difficult to access health services.

What is the solution?

Health professionals should work with other services to help people recover and move on from homelessness. Health services also have a role to play in preventing people becoming homeless in the first place. Having a safe home reduces the risk of developing health conditions commonly experienced by people living on the streets.

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The issues explained

Mental health

Being homeless is stressful and damages mental health. Ill-health can be the trigger which causes someone to first lose their home.

Physical health

Violence on the streets and poor housing conditions can have a detrimental effect on a homeless person's health.

Drugs and alcohol

Drug and alcohol addiction lead some people to become homeless. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol while living on the streets.

Health services

Homeless people find it difficult to get medical treatment. It is difficult to recover from illness without somewhere safe to stay.

Impact on homelessness

Our research into the impact homelessness has on physical and mental health.


of homeless people report having a physical health condition

in comparison with 37% of the general population.

Today is a significant day in our efforts to end homelessness in Scotland for good as Local Government and Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart confirmed that the final recommendations of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG) have been accepted by the Scottish Government.


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