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Law and rights

The law sets out what help people can get to deal with homelessness. But it can also exclude people from getting any help at all.

What is the solution?

We are working with governments across Britain to make sure that by law every homeless person is entitled to get the help they need. We want people to be offered help, not criminalised for being homeless. This includes people who come here from overseas. We know that many homeless people have spent time in prison. Helping people into housing when they leave prison makes them less likely to commit more crimes.

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The issues explained

Homelessness legislation

Councils in England, Scotland and Wales are required by law to help homeless people. They could still do more.


People who come to Britain from overseas and fall on hard times struggle to get help. This is causing homelessness.

Prison leavers

Too often people leave prison with nowhere to go. If they become homeless they're more likely to commit crimes again.

Impact on homelessness

Our research examines the impact of legislation and interventions on homelessness.

Public spending would fall by

£370 million

if 40,000 people were prevented from experiencing one year of homelessness


Our No one turned away campaign is calling for every homeless person who approaches their council to get the help they need.

No one turned away campaign

As the publication of the Scottish Government’s new Action Plan for Ending Homelessness Together...


“We are deeply saddened and shocked beyond belief to hear of the deaths of all these individuals. To think of just one person dying due to the consequences of poverty and homelessness is appalling, but to learn of the sheer scale of those who’ve lost their lives in the past year is nothing short of horrifying. This is a wake-up call to see homelessness as a national emergency."


Today is a significant day in our efforts to end homelessness in Scotland for good as Local Government and Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart confirmed that the final recommendations of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG) have been accepted by the Scottish Government.


What you can do


We could not do our work without the support and commitment of volunteers throughout the year across the UK.

Volunteering positions

Add your voice to the thousands of Crisis campaigners who sign petitions, email their MP and raise awareness. 

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