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Ed Sheeran backs No Going Home

Ed Sheeran gave his support to the Crisis No Going Home campaign, to defend housing benefit for under 25s with five exclusive videos.


Sheeran has performed live at Crisis Skylight education, training and employment centres in Newcastle and London, taking part in Crisis’ regular guitar and songwriting workshops with homeless and vulnerably housed clients of the charity.

No Going Home calls for people to help defend housing benefit for under-25s, which is all that stands between many young people and homelessness. Already hundreds of people have written to their MPs in support of the campaign, with many explaining why they needed to claim housing benefit as young people. The prime minister has said that under-25s should move back in with their parents, but Crisis has warned that this is often not possible, and could leave tens of thousands of young people vulnerable to homelessness.

Ed Sheeran said: “It was important to me to back the No Going Home campaign. I know a lot of people my age are struggling to find work and pay the rent. I find it quite shocking that the government would consider a cut that might leave tens of thousands of them homeless.”

Leslie Morphy, chief executive of Crisis, said: “We are very grateful to Ed for getting behind our No Going Home campaign. He has millions of fans and many of them are aged under 25. This is an issue that could affect them, so it is only right that they have their say.”

Sheeran’s breakthrough single The A Team was inspired by a guest the singer/songwriter met while volunteering at Crisis at Christmas, and he has supported Crisis since.

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