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With more than 40 years of work, we've built up a huge body of expertise and experience directly influencing policy and practice in a number of areas. We also deliver and commission research to better understand the causes and nature of homelessness. 

Recommended reading

Homelessness Monitor: England 2015 report front cover

The homelessness monitor 2016

Tracking the impacts of policy and economic change on homelessness across the UK.



Front cover of At any cost report

At what cost?

Explores the costs to the public purse when single homelessness is not prevented early.


Cover of Sustain report

Turned Away

Exploring the quality of assistance single homeless people receive from councils across England.

Latest Policy & Research

Other document: The homelessness legislation: An independent review of the legal duties owed to homeless people

During Summer 2015 Crisis established an independent panel of experts from across the housing and homelessness sector, including lawyers, an academic, local authorities and housing association sector representatives, as well as homelessness charities, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current homelessness legislation in England.

Download PDF (43 pages)

Research report: The homelessness monitor: Great Britain 2016

Download PDF (16 pages)

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