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Please help us continue to intervene at the most critical time

How Sharon and the CTI programme helped intervene at the most critical time for John

Sharon sat on red chair with Crisis member

"As well as providing people with homes, you need to give them job opportunities and training so they can develop new skills. Not just to get a job but also to feel good about themselves and to reach their full potential." 


“If I hadn't gone to Crisis, I'd still have been in the hostel and worrying about finding somewhere to live. Now I can get on with life, and not just exist. I hope that I can work full-time and live an independent life; provide for myself and my son.”

After leaving prison, John went into premises approved by probation, where he was given just weeks to find a home of his own.

Sharon at Crisis’ Merseyside Skylight worked alongside John so he could rebuild his life: ‘’My job was to help bridge the gap from leaving prison. The first step was to find and apply for flats with social landlords, which isn’t easy for prison leavers. One came up in the area he wanted and fortunately, he got it. We were then able to help him turn the bare rooms into a home by sourcing carpet, some furniture and blinds’’

But that’s not where our support ended.

“After John started with AA, we supported him to improve his mental health and develop a plan for the future. John told me he really enjoys gardening, so we supported him on a horticultural course and a part-time volunteering job to give him experience and is now planning to start his own gardening business.”

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How your support helps people out of homelessness


We offer new members initial needs assessments where we can talk through their situation and make a plan together. People can need a range of help from claiming benefits they're entitled to, to building their confidence and independence, or taking a qualification that could help them find work.


Through group sessions and one-to-one therapy with clinical psychologists, your support helps members improve their mental and physical wellbeing. We work particularly closely with people experiencing complex mental health problems too, helping them get specialist help and accommodation as urgently as possible.


Members can access a vast array of courses and qualifications online - helping them take another critical step forwards. We also cover vocational skills, including retail and hospitality traineeships in our shops.


Across our services, we're seeing more people facing homelessness after losing their job during the pandemic. We're supporting people to find work, with specialist teams who connect people with employers, as well as help with CVs and interview practice.

Critical Time Intervention Programme

Ex-offenders leaving prison often struggle to access accommodation either before, or after their release. This is not only because of difficulties getting new housing upon release, but also because people who had accommodation before their arrest can lose it while in custody.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we have been able to pilot our Critical Time Intervention programme (CTI) programme here in Merseyside, as well as at our Skylight in South Wales, which goes far beyond finding someone a home.

Our CTI programme supports people at higher risk of homelessness during periods of transition, providing rapid access to housing. It also features an intensive case management approach, which addresses the particular needs of people once they have security of accommodation. 

The best way to tackle homelessness is to stop it happening in the first place. To do so is both compassionate and cost effective. But gaps still exist that prevent some of us from getting the help we need, when we need it most.

By supporting Crisis, you are helping us bring approaches like CTI to those who need it most. Every donation goes towards a life beyond homelessness.

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Sharon sad on red chair speaking with Crisis member