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Invitation to tender for evaluation of Brent place-based approach

Crisis launches invitation to tender for evaluation of the place-based approach to ending homelessness in Brent

Crisis is seeking a skilled and experienced contractor to undertake an evaluation of the Crisis place-based approach in Brent since 2019 to date.

Taking a retrospective approach, the evaluation will aim to understand how different stakeholders perceive the changes brought about by the place-based approach in Brent in relation to strategic learning, systems change and individual change.

The Crisis Skylight in Brent has a long history of place-based work, including founding the Harlesden Working Together initiative, a multi-agency Homelessness Forum, supporting two work streams on migrant homelessness and people with complex needs, and delivering a peer research project on vulnerable people’s access to online services.

Generous support from the Berkeley Foundation has, since 2019, enabled Crisis Skylight Brent to continue building and developing new elements of its place-based work.

The evaluation findings will provide learning to inform and influence:

  • how the partnership between Crisis, the Berkeley Foundation and Brent Council might be further developed to work towards ending homelessness more effectively;
  • the development of Crisis’ future place-based work in other local areas;
  • the development of a Built for Zero programme within Brent.

Read the full Invitation to Tender document here.

The deadline for evaluation proposals is 28 April 2023.

Proposals and questions should be submitted to: