Cafe from Crisis

Cafes to end homelessness. Through serving excellent coffee, food and providing training opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, our cafes have driven forward our goal to end homelessness for all.

Over the past 18 years, our Cafés from Crisis have worked to end homelessness through practical hospitality training whilst serving fresh and socially conscious food and coffee in our bustling cafés. Crisis has run standalone Cafés from Crisis in Oxford and London. We now currently run coffee bars in four of our Shop from Crisis locations: Peckham, Finsbury Park, Croydon and Dalston.

Through technical training in kitchen craft and barista skills within a supportive environment our café has been a hub for member learning, qualifications and confidence building.

In the last five years, the cafés have supported 165 Crisis Members and Switchback Trainees to take part in our accredited taster days, with more than 130 people joining our programmes. With the support from our Hospitality teams these trainees have flourished, celebrating over 180 individual outcomes including moving into work or further training.

Our Cafés from Crisis were also foundational in our ongoing partnership with Volcano Coffee Works. Not only did we collaborate to create an ethically sourced and unique coffee to be sold in cafés and shops across the UK, but we were able to utilise their coffee in our Barista Training Programmes, as well as engage our trainees into further opportunities to help our members into work.

Our partnership with Volcano Coffee Works doesn’t end there. Our Crisis Coffee is sold in each of our coffee bars, through high street and online retailers to raise vital funds for our work . You can find out more and purchase the coffee to help do a little good whilst drinking a brew on the Volcano Coffee Works website.

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Address: Cafe from Crisis, 64 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT

Opening hours: Permanently closed




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Our London café is now permanently closed.

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Shop from Crisis Croydon

Address: Shop from Crisis Croydon, 8 Crown Hill, Church Street, Croydon, CR0 1RZ

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 10am-5.30pm, Sunday: 11am-4pm

Tel: 020 8680 0140


Trains: West Croydon

Shop from Crisis Dalston

Address: Shop from Crisis Dalston, 74 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2NS

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 12-6pm, Friday & Saturday: 11am-6pm, Sunday: 12-5pm

Tel: 0207 812 9487


Trains: Dalston Kingsland, Dalston Junction

Shop from Crisis Finsbury Park

Address: Shop from Crisis Finsbury Park, 19 Stroud Green Road, London, N4 3FB

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 11am-6pm, Sunday: 12-5pm

Tel: 020 7281 2634


Trains: Finsbury Park

Shop from Crisis Peckham

Address: Shop from Crisis Peckham, 160 Rye Lane, London, SE15 4NB

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 10.30am-6.30pm, Sunday: 11.30am-5.30pm

Tel: 020 7732 0922


Trains: Peckham Rye